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270 watt Advance Spectrum LED grow package
Grow Package

Our Price: $699.95

Product Code: GA-270LEDSTTRPKG


Product Update (10/22/13): We heard your requests and making it a reality! We have upgraded the 180w Advance Spectrum LED Grow Light Panel to the New 270w Advance Spectrum MAX - Modular LED Grow Light Panel! That's an additional 90w of intense LED lighting! Same energy efficient 3-Watt chip with upgraded 60 degree secondary angle lens for the strongest light penetration.

A perfect LED grow package that packs a punch! With quality LED grow technology on the rise, we have brought together our most experienced growers to come up with our new line of LED Complete Grow Packages. Our All-In-One kits includes everything you need from the lighting system, air purification system, right down to the nutrients. These kits have been designed for maximum grow yield without the unnecessary extras. Make a statement when your friends see your professional grow set-up!

270 Watt Advance Spectrum MAX Modular 3w-Chip LED Grow Light


  1. Brand New in Retail Package and Ready to Ship
  2. Panel Dimensions: 15" x 11" x 3"
  3. 90x LED's Diodes with 3w Chips
  4. Light Blue LED wavelength: 430nm
  5. Blue LED wavelength: 460nm
  6. Orange LED wavelength: 630nm
  7. Red LED wavelength: 660nm
  8. New Infrared LED wavelength: 710 IR (Promotes resin growth on plant for protection and growth)- it looks like there's nothing at all!
  9. White LED wavelength: 10,000k
  10. 90 Degree Primary Angle Lens and 60 Degree Secondary Magnifier Lens for optimum light penetration and intensity
  11. Approx. Lifetime: 50,000 Hours
  12. Built-in Cooling Fans
  13. Heat dissipation design
  14. Full spectrum, great for all phases of plant growth
  15. Perfect for Indoor Growing in any medium: Hydroponics, Aeroponics, or Soil
  16. Hanging Hardware for Easy Set up in Minutes!
  17. Covers a 5'x5' area during vegetation and a 4.25'x4.25' area when flowering (Coverage area calculated with light 24 inches from plant)

* Note: Infrared diodes do not give off a visible spectrum. Although it is helpful to your plants and is actively working the moment you turn your light on, it will not be visible to the naked eye.

Yield Lab 48" x 24" x 60" Grow Tent
The upgraded Yield Lab 48x24x60" reflective grow tent has more features than any grow tent we've ever offered! Highly reflective mylar on the inside of this tent maximizes light coverage, while oxford cloth and upgraded tent poles provide maximum durability of your growing area. Two bay windows in the front of the tent allow you to look in to your garden and view your plants without pulling a single zipper, and dual duct ports making venting air in and out of your garden a breeze! With a handy tool pouch near the entrance of the tent, Yield Lab tents provide maximum growth, convenience, and durability over the tents available on the market!

4 Inch Fan and Filter Combo:
Featuring 100% of the carbon element utilization as well as 190 CFM air flowing rate, this combo of 4" Activated Carbon Air Filter & Vortex Inline Duct Blower is to eliminate the odors, filter particulates and purify the air so that both you and your plants can live in clean and fresh environment.
If you are suffering from stale air condition and tired of gardening with organic fertilizer, sprays, odor gels or even incense, get this combo and you will be set free from the fidgets referred above.

Tent 4 Inch Ducting- 16 1/2':
This lightweight 4" insulating air duct is manufactured with a helically shaped internal crimped galvanized steel strip. The strip locks together with the aluminum foil in order to form an air tight and leak proof lock system. It ensures excellent strength, making it perfect as a flexible solution for a broad range of venting requirements from low or high pressure heating, as well as for ventilation to air conditioning application.

3 Gallon PVC Grow Bags (10 Pack):
Made of a durable PVC, the black and white PVC Grow Pots are great for gardens that require easy maneuverability and management. Provides excellent drainage, aeration from the pre-made holes and provides extra light reflection from the white exterior.

16oz Humbolt One Part Base Nutrient (Oneness):
Oneness assures that your fruits, vegetables and herbs receive adequate nutrition without draining your bank account. The diversity of macro and micro nutrients can protect your garden from nutrient lock-out, salt build-up, plant stress, and low yields. With Oneness, Humboldt Nutrients provides homegrown knowledge combined with state-of-the-art plant science. In these uncertain times of tribulation the world needs Oneness... and so do your favorite plants.

Gro1 Straight Trimming Shears:
The all purpose Gro1 Floral Straight Blade Trimming Shears are an essential tool for the final stage of any harvest. Quality shears need to be tough, easy on the hands, and sharp. The bypass style straight blades are made of high quality stainless steel so they stay sharper longer. The shears have cushioned grip handles that are contoured for non-slip use as well as being very easy on the hands, even after hours of use. The handles are also spring loaded to provide more ease during use.

This Package Includes:
1x 270w Advance Spectrum MAX Modular 3w-Chip LED Grow Light Panel
1x 190CFM 4in. High-Output Exhaust/Intake Fan
1x 4in. Charcoal Filter
1x 4in. Ducting and Clamps
1x Ratchet Hanger Set
1x Gro1 Straight Trimming Shears
10x 3 Gallon PVC Grow Bags
1x 16oz Oneness Base Nutrient

FREE: 24Hr. Mechanical Timer

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