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The most complete and affordable growing systems in one place! 1-800-946-1408
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grow tent Yield Lab 400w HPS+MH Wing Reflector Grow Light Kit 360 watt Max 3w-chip Quad band LED grow panel
96X48X78 Reflective grow tent
List Price: $418.99
Our Price: $418.95
Sale Price: $329.95
No hassle starter kit Filter Fan Combo
No hassle starter kit
List Price: $219.95
Our Price: $159.95
Sale Price: $135.95
8" 720 CFM charcoal filter and duct fan combo kit
List Price: $579.95
Our Price: $299.95
Sale Price: $279.95
The most complete and affordable growing systems in one place! 1-800-946-1408 is your source for hydroponic supplies, hydroponic systems, and hydroponic gardening! is your hydroponic supplies connection. All of your hydroponic systems needs have been conveniently put together for a more affordable and complete approach at hydroponic gardening.We are here to help you get everything you need, for the best value, at one location

1000w-packageWhether you are a simple hobbyist, or a professional Horticulturist we have the hydroponic supplies you need. We have complete grow packages, light kits, and hydroponic systems that can get you great results for less money. When it comes to hydroponic gardening we offer several options for lighting. We have complete light reflector kits that come with optional 400 watt, 600 watt, or 1000 watt metal halide, and high pressure sodium bulbs. All lighting kits come complete with light reflector,digital dimming ballast, rope ratchet hangers, one metal halide bulb, and one high pressure sodium bulb. All new orders for complete reflector light packages will receive a FREE PROGRAMMABLE ELECTRIC TIMER CONTROL! We have several options of hydroponic systems to choose from including, Ebb and Flow system, Oxygen pot systems, and the Versa Grow system. Other hydroponic supplies available are grow tents, LED light panels, carbon filters, inline ventilation duct fans, and complete grow room packages, all made from the highest quality materials.

propackage_2-2We understand that once you get started with hydroponic gardening there is enough to think about already. More decision making on where to buy the lights,and where to get the grow tent, etc. Just seems like a lot of trouble! Thats why offers complete grow packages. Wether you want to grow in soil or hydroponic systems all your hydroponic supplies have been put together in complete affordable packages to help you get started on your project right away! We also offer complete grow room systems available in small, medium, or large grow room packages. Grow room packages come complete with lighting system, climate control, hydroponic systems, and master nutrients. You could spend countless hours trying to find everything you need for your hydroponic gardening needs, or you can get all your hydroponic supplies and grow systems in one place. is all you need.

If you want great customer service, free premium product warranties, free technical support, and same day shipping on all of our quality hydroponic supplies you can find it all at The most complete and affordable hydroponic systems for all your hydroponic gardening needs. ORDER YOUR COMPLETE REFLECTOR LIGHT KIT TODAY AND GET YOUR FREE PROGRAMMABLE ELECTRIC TIMER CONTROL!

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